The Harvey Beef

Gate 2 Plate Challenge

The Harvey Beef Gate to Plate Challenge is a new commercially based cattle competition in WA.

The challenge aims to reflect a true commercial situation of cattle entering the domestic grain fed market in WA. Cattle are entered in a group of three (two steers and a heifer). The cattle must be owner bred. All cattle will enter a feedlot on the same day where they will be fed a grain based ration for 70-80 days. At the end of this period cattle will be processed and carcases graded on the same day.

The challenge evaluates the ability of cattle to meet market requirements from the feedlot through to the processor and the end point consumer. The points available in the competition will be given for animal performance in areas which are important for feedlot and processor profitability as well as carcase quality attributes, which are important to consumers and affect beef marketing options. Awarding points in a way that promotes cattle which are profitable across the supply chain will enable producers to assess how effectively their cattle are meeting market requirements and aid in developing an understanding of other sectors of the supply chain.


More information about the competition can be found  on the Gate 2 Plate website